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Firefox for Mobile 2.0 Alpha 1
Firefox for Mobile 2.0 Alpha 1 Rating: 3
Firefox for Mobile 2.0 Alpha 1

Firefox for Mobile description

Performance, memory consumption and on-device footprint
Fennec is the code name of the effort to build a mobile version of Firefox. Fennec is part of the Mozilla effort to enable all mobile phones with a Mozilla application.

The overall goals for Mobile Firefox are:
· provide Mozillas standards-based open-source browser engine, optimized for mobile, that can be embedded by device manufacturers and others;
· a full-featured mobile browser including support for XUL-based add-ons, delivering on Firefoxs key principles of ease-of-use, security and accessibility;
· grow the Mozilla community in the mobile space;
· provide tools and documentation to help developers develop, debug and deploy web applications;
· do all of this work in the shared Mozilla source repositories so all platforms, desktop and mobile, benefit each other

Here are some key features of "Firefox for Mobile":

UI modes:
· full screen
· portrait/landscape
· mouse pointer for non-touch screen devices

· zoom to relevant section
· zoom to width
· zoom to height
· zoom to fit page

· kinetic
· normal (through keys)
· accelerated
· security (e.g. how does the user know the site is secure?)
· tabbed browsing
· spatial navigation - keyboard shortcuts

· ssr (single column display)
· fit to width
· fit to height
· scrollbar-free layout
· viewport meta tag
· breakpad for ARM
· virtual keyboard
· text input - password/input manager + native integration
· low memory handlers
· start page
· basic navigation/UI design
· localization
· text layout
· send page/URL
· device integration through Javascript
· determine build profile (simple, basic) and what needs to be removed/added
· radical new UI

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