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Business Cards Designer | โปรแกรมออกแบบนามบัตร
Business Cards Designer | โปรแกรมออกแบบนามบัตร Rating: 2.42
โปรแกรมออกแบบนามบัตร Belltech Business Cards Designer Pro 5.2.1

Belltech Business Cards Designer Pro description

Create and print amazing professional quality business cards in minutes
Belltech Business Card Designer Pro gives you the possibility to produce amazing business cards in a matter of minutes and print them right-away on any Windows compatible printer.

It is a professional quality business card designing and printing software. This helps you create stunning business cards with professional graphics and backgrounds and customize your card printing in many ways.

Great features include, ability to add color-blend, texture and transparency to your text and logos.

This application is excellent for excellent business card creation. This feature-rich program offers normal cut-copy-paste as well as undo-redo functionality for all the design elements. You can also copy-paste texts and images from other applications. You can save your design as an image file with bmp, jpg, gif, png format and take to your printshop for professional printing.

Customize your card printing in many ways. You can also use this to create personal visiting cards, store cards or any thing that has a business-card-like size. In this trial version, you can find many design templates, background images and graphics that you can use in your card.


· 32 MB of RAM
· less than 10 MBs of hard drive space


· 30 days trial

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