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โปรแกรมแปลอังกฤษ ไทย
โปรแกรมแปลอังกฤษ ไทย Rating: 2.8
โปรแกรมแปลไทย Thai Translator แปลอังกฤษ ไทย ง่ายเพียงนิดเดียว

LingvoSoft Suite 2008 English - Thai description

A dynamic language learning and translation solution for your desktop or laptop PC
This remarkable utility answers all the needs of almost any user of foreign languages. Businesspeople, students, travelers, and professional translators will all benefit from its wide range of unique features.

Fully-integrated and compatible with the most popular MS Office applications (Word, Internet Explorer and Excel), it extends the functionality of your existing word processing and internet tools with the added benefit of instant translation.

Featuring familiar and intuitive copy, cut, and paste functions you can now move information between applications effortlessly. The inclusion of a User's Dictionary and advanced speech recognition make this unbeatable language management utility absolutely indispensable for anyone working with foreign languages.

LingvoSoft Suite 2008 provides a speech-enabled, bi-directional translating dictionary with an extensive 400,000 word vocabulary; an outstanding talking phrasebook covering 15 topic-areas with 14,000 travel-related phrases to help you meet the requirements of international travel and communication in a variety of situations; and the ever-popular FlashCards language learning application that helps you memorize new vocabulary while you play 5 engaging and effective games.

Featuring a fully-customizable interface that includes a choice of 5 display languages, authentic native-speaker narration of phrasebook entries and some of the fastest, most sophisticated search functions available anywhere it will instantly turn any PC into your own personal language learning and communication assistant.

Here are some key features of "LingvoSoft Suite English Thai":

· Adjustable multilingual English, French, German, Spanish and Russian display options
· Customizable user interface (toolbars, font settings, colors, etc.)
· Quick paste and translate function
· User Dictionaries (Add, Create, Edit)
· Easily change direction of translation
· Integrated lookup function
· Language information for about 40 languages plus English Grammar information
· Authentic native-speaker voice narration of all included English and Albanian phrases
· 14,000 phrases divided into 15 easily managed topic areas
· Adjustable speech recognition
· Search phrases by input line in all topics
· Topic List may be displayed as topic icons
· Quick switch between topics
· Special Useful Words section that can be converted into a FlashCards database file
· Extensive 400,000 entry English Thai vocabulary
· Text To Speech (TTS) capability
· Integration with Microsoft Office (Internet Explorer, Outlook, Word)
· Input Line search
· Advanced Spell-Check function
· Sophisticated Synonyms search
· Translations complete with part of speech, gender, comment, transcription, sentence examples
· Parts of Speech Filter
· Five learning games: Review It!, Pair It!, Guess It!, Recall It! and Type It!
· User options include word count per page, random or sorted word order
· Dictionary and word statistic displays
· Possibility to remove a word from study (if you don't want to learn the word) or mark the word as learned (if you already know the word)
· Possibility to set any dictionary as the default. Words from LingvoSoft Dictionary and LingvoSoft PhraseBook will then be added into this dictionary.


· 48 MB free space on the hard disk
· Sound card (LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2008, LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook 2008 and LingvoSoft Talking Translator 2008).


· In the demo version only 10% of the dictionary database can be used
· In the demo version the Phrasebook database is fully functional for the first two topics

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