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โปรแกรมทำปฏิทิน - Calendar Maker
โปรแกรมทำปฏิทิน - Calendar Maker Rating: 2.4
โหลด โปรแกรมทำปฏิทิน

English Description : Calendar Maker is a program you can use to create personalized calendars. With event categories of birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, it is primarily for family use. However, many use Calendar Maker for basic scheduling needs.
Calendar Maker was designed with simplicity in mind as the most important factor. Consequently, the program uses very basic, intuitive dialogs that guide you through the process of calendar creation. The calendars you make can be viewed within the program itself, as upcoming events using the Desktop Calendar, printed out month-by-month, or exported to HTML for anyone to view.

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