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โปรแกรม ดู TV
โปรแกรม ดู TV Rating: 2.76
โปรแกรม anyTV 2.0

Editor's Review - anyTV

As the name suggests, 'anyTV' is a TV player. Actually, it is an online TV player and it can play virtually any TV stream because you can submit the ones that haven't been not already included.

The list of TV and radio stations is huge, but unfortunately, during the test, some of them didn't worked. Anyway, in order to see the online TV channels flawlessly you need a very good Internet connection. The program has a simple structure with no menus. All its features are listed on its user interface. As in any other online TV players you can create your own favorite station list so you don't need to look each time for a certain channel.

If you like or dislike a certain channel you can express that by rating it. You can also flag it in order to let others know if it is working fine or not working at all as well as if it were a duplicate or spam, or it had wrong infos. If you submit a channel you can enter infos like bitrate, genre, country and even a little comment. All the above mentioned info will be provided to the users of this program.

The user interface is very simple and intuitive. I think even a newbie will be able to use the program without needing help.

Pluses: Easy to use and free.

Drawbacks / flaws: I have encountered a stability issue.

In conclusion: I think it is a good program and you might try it.

version reviewed: 2.0

» Freeware , Demo or Tial Only
» Author: Homepage from dtd. 08.11.2007
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Current Rating: 2.76
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