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โปรแกรม สร้างโฟเดอร์, Folder Scout
โปรแกรม สร้างโฟเดอร์, Folder Scout

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Folder Scout Folder Scout is a very useful application that gives you instant access to any Drive, Folder or File on your computer. Folder Scout avoids everyday tedious folder tree navigation and searches allowing you to focus on just your important tasks. With its high speed Predictive Search Engine you can access any folder on your computer just by typing a few letters of its name or simply with one mouse click.

Folder Scout does not degrade your system performance since it does not uses any background indexing engine that generates intensive CPU load. It just catalogs your drives in a few seconds and then stay minimized consuming 0% of your CPU. While you are working, automatically tracks changes in folder tree and keeps a list of recently used folders and documents.

Features :

One tool for all your folder management needs. Folder Scout includes all the features you?ll need to work with your folders and files: Quick Search, Favorites, Recent Folders and Recent Documents.
0% CPU overload. No background index engine. The built-in Predictive Search Engine is a powerful tool that remains in the background consuming 0% of you CPU. Use your system resources to boost your system performance.
Be productive instantly. No complicated settings. Everything has been designed to allow you be productive and get results in seconds.
Avoids tedious and repetitive searches. Avoids everyday tedious folder tree navigation and searches, allowing you to focus on just your important tasks. Saves valuable time and dramatically increases your productivity.
Simplifies dealing with thousands of folders. Folder Scout supports instant folder access to thousands of folders. Turn the folder tree nightmare into a sweet dream.
System Requirements :

Intel Pentium or compatible processor.
Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/VISTA.
256 MB RAM or more.
5 MB hard disk space.

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