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โปรแกรม free zip-unzip
โปรแกรม free zip-unzip Rating: 2

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โปรแกรม free zip-unzip Freebyte Zip is a reliable, powerful and free zip/unzip program with full Windows user-interface. You can zip and unzip files, create zip archives, password protect files, view sort and encrypt zip file contents, and also make self extracting archives.

Features :

Easy Windows user interface
Open, create, change, protect, encrypt, sort and view zip files
Powerful command-line/DOS interface
View or execute files directly from inside the zip archive
Create self-extracting archives
Full support for long file names, also in self-extracting archives
Add and remove files directly to/from zip and self-extracting archives
Extract files with or without path information
Add files with relative or absolute path information, or without any path information.
Recurse subdirectories (optional)
Zip entries can be password protected and encrypted
Specify the compression level when adding files
File attributes and file dates are preserved during zip/unzip operations
Easy shortcut keyboard commands for frequently used functions
Progressbar display during file extraction and compression
The compression and extraction process can be aborted
Compression and extraction settings are saved between sessions
Compression and extraction folders are saved between sessions
Statusbar display of total size of zip-file in Kbytes
Statusbar display of total number of items in zip-file
Does not need to be installed

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